About Us
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We Believe All Parents Should Have Access to Affordable Legal Professionals

Founded in 2007, National Family Solutions is comprised of a diverse group of experienced individuals who are dedicated to the continuous development and innovation of solutions for family law issues. Since our inception, we have grown immensely, and helped thousands of parents every year through our unique platform.

  • System Development Team

    For over 10 years, our dedicated programming team has developed accessible online systems to help individuals navigating the family law system. Our programs allow families to progress through many steps of their case by utilizing our online platform in conjunction with the dedicated assistance of our team. This, in turn, reduces the cost associated with their legal proceedings.

  • Client Support

    Our user-friendly software and online platforms are an integral part of how we’re able to guide our clients through their case, but do not reflect the entirety of what our programs have to offer. The expertise of attorneys, private investigators, family psychologists, and other legal professionals working together complement the online systems and creates an environment designed to carry our clients through their family law situations as efficiently as possible.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Innovative systems allow individual team members and groups working in different locations to provide support to our clients nationwide. All users, including clients, utilize the same secure propriety platform to create a seamless environment designed to help people get through their situations as efficiently as possible.

  • Database Engineering

    We understand that complicated and delicate issues need to be resolved appropriately. At the heart of National Family Solutions is our user and information platform. This system was inspired by the needs of our clients, and brought to life by our dedicated programming team.

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